Quem foi Ragnar Lothbrok?

Por Eirin T. Shira, fundadora do Hvergelmir Internacional; trad. Andreia Marques

Sobre Ragnar Lothbrok, esta é uma leitura curta e interessante, útil para quem assiste a (ou é atormentado pela) série televisiva Vikings. Para aqueles que gostariam de alguns relatos históricos, ao invés de pensar que um programa de TV é historicamente correto…

Uma das coisas que torna a questão difícil de discutir é que a pergunta “Ragnar Lothbrok foi um personagem histórico?” é em si de alguma forma ambígua. Assim, antes de discutirmos a pergunta, a questão deve ser definida mais claramente.

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Who was Ragnar Lodbrok?

By Eirin T. Shira, Founder of Hvergelmir International

About Ragnar Lodbrok, this is an interesting short read, useful for the upcoming Vikings tv show torment that will show up soon.

For those who would like some historical accounts rather than thinking a tv show is historically accurate…

One of the things that makes this a difficult question to discuss is that the question “Was Ragnar Lothbrok historical?” is itself somewhat ambiguous. Thus, before the question can be discussed, the question has to first be more clearly defined.

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The Rowan Tree (Rognebær) Medical uses, folklore and food.

By Eirin T. Shira, Founder of Hvergelmir International.

The European rowan (S. aucuparia) has a long tradition in European mythology and folklore. It was thought to be a magical tree and protection against malevolent beings. In Celtic mythology the rowan is called the Traveller’s Tree because it prevents those on a journey from getting lost.It was said in England that this was the tree on which the Devil hanged his mother, while in Scotland a rowan tree is commonly found growing by a gate or a front door to ward off witches. Crosses made of rowan tied with red twine were also used as a witch deterrent. In Norse Mythologi the rowan was associated with the goddess Sif and, particularly, the god Thor as it was deemed his salvation as the giantess, Gjalp, tried to drown him in the rising flow of the Vimur River. Continue a ler “The Rowan Tree (Rognebær) Medical uses, folklore and food.”